Thursday, October 22, 2009

I broke my leg....

On Sunday I was walking down the stairs talking on my phone, carrying my beads and my tools when my foot decided to slip right out from under me. My left foot went in front and my right....well, it decided to go under me and break. :*(

We had to call for an ambulance and guess what?!?! The fireman came and they were soo and I hadn't shaved my legs in like 4 days. I was sooo embarrassed not only for my hairy legs but for the fact that I fell down the stairs. I'm so glad we postponed the wedding already, or I would be hobbling down the isle. Logan was so cute to he was so concerned about me. He kept saying "Are you ok mommy?" "You alright?" "Mommy Boo boo?" He even patted my head. At one point when the EMT's were putting me on the bed Logan stuck his tongue out and I told him "Hey don't be fresh" the EMT's looked at me and smiled. I knew they were thinking wow she's defiantly in pain but still correcting him. LOL I guess being a mom comes first for me no matter what is going on.

When I got to the ER there were like 5 RN's standing around so I made a comment to the EMT that being taken to a room in the ER was like the walk of shame. I think they were surprised at how calm I was. It's not that big of a deal to me this is after all my 3rd and 4th broken bone. That's right, I broke my leg in 2 places. The worst part of the ER was having to move my leg for X rays before I had any pain medication. It hurt so bad. They said I may need surgery on my ankle. The doctors set my bones in place and put a temporary soft cast on my leg.

So now I'm at home waiting for a doctors appointment STILL! I just hope I can get in soon, if not I will be going back to the ER to get everything straightened up. If I need surgery I want to get it done and over with. Being stuck on the couch and not able to take care of my own son is really starting to upset me.

Here's a pic of my broken leg... because I know you want to see.

Good thing is if I can get all my supplies down stairs I can work on a few new items. Because I know I have been slacking off. I really want to get my Warcraft items listed soon. O and I can't wait to show you all they wonderful necklaces I made for my brides maids. But that will be in the next post. See you all soon. :D