Monday, November 2, 2009


YAY!! and BOO!!

Another Halloween has come and gone :*(
Why can't it be Halloween all year long? I'm ok with skipping Christmas.. or I can just do a Halloween Christmas.
On Halloween my Mom ( and I carved Nightmare before Christmas Pumpkins to surprise my son Logan who loves the movie. I Made the Pumpkin King and she did Jacks Face.

Here they are out on the Porch welcoming our many (2) Trick or Treater's.

Logan loved them when he came home. He saw them and said "Ooooohhh A Pumpkin!!" "Mommy Look Pumpkin King!!" "And Look Halloween."

It's said Halloween is over and also said that I didn't get to be married. I'm looking forward to next year... And speaking of wedding here are those Necklaces I promised..

I made these for my brides maids. I was so proud of how they came out. I can't wait to make more to sell in the shop.

Maid of Honors Necklace.. Slightly different then the other girls.

A Group Shot of all the necklaces.

The Necklaces all packaged up and ready to hand out to the girls.

I'll get a female model probably my cousin Gabby (my Junior Bride's maid) to model her necklace and post some pics soon.

Things to look forward to:

  • Warcraft jewelry on Etsy.
  • Sneak peak of wedding goodies.
  • And A tutorial on How I made my brides maid necklaces.

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